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2003 - 2016

(Petersranch Black Bear X Four Bar X Sidney)


We bought Certik ("Little Devil" in Slovak language) in January 2004.
Certik was one strong, healthy and very intelligent male who loved people and small children. He greeted visitors with a Frisbie in his mouth. Certik was almost 21" tall and weighed close to 50 pounds. He had a very nice head with beautiful brown eyes, scissor bite and higher ears that would fall forward. His black coat was of medium lenth without any copper. Certik had just a little white on his toes and white strip from his chin to his belly.
Certik was very fast, focused and agile canine, jumping 26" in USDAA agility. He was AKC, ASCA and CKC registered. He was healthy throughout his entire life and died at the age of 13 due to enlarged prostate complications (he was intact male). Certik was a thinking dog, always ready to do anything he was asked. He was also a powerful working dog with tons of natural ability and presence. But he also had a very good OFF switch. He would never bother livestock unless he was told. His herding ability were amazing, he was as strong fetching dog as he was driving dog. Certik always worked quietly and low with a lot of eye. He would bite heads and heels if needed. He was also outstanding in Agility, Obedience, Rally, Tracking and Frisbie. This unique dog will be always remembered for winning the coveted 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009 Most Versatile Australian Shepherd award (and front cover of Aussie Times), the achievement that no other dog in ASCA history was able to accomplish. Certik is now HOF sire thanks to his pups all over the world. We still have some frozen semen from Certik.

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2007 - 2021



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Misko (Mike in Slovak language) is line-bred Hangin’ Tree dog
that showed interest in working cattle when he was barely 4 months old. His sire is our Certik and dam is Hangin' Tree Trouble. Two blue merle females "Trouble" and "Dolly" were shipped to me from Rising Sun Farm, MN to breed to Certik in early 2007, but only Trouble ended up with puppies at that time. I was not quiet sure if I was ready for another working dog, but when Misko was the only puppy left from this amazing cross, I decided that he should come and live with us. Misko was such a lovable, happy-go-lucky and animated puppy. He always made me smile watching him play and bounce around. Misko loves everybody, he is such a sweet boy!
But he is a very tough working male with a lot of natural talent, eye and grip to work any type of stock. He is around 19" tall and weighs maybe 45 pounds, smaller but powerful package and very enjoyable working team player. He has nice rich merle coat of medium lenth, one blue and one mostly brown eye, beautiful ears and scissor bite. He has only a hint of copper on his rear legs. Misko, just like his dad Certik, would bite heads and heels of cattle. He doesn't bark when he works, instead, he is fast and focused using fair amount of eye. Misko is outstanding in anything and everything he does. He is Herding, Agility, Obedience and Supreme Performance Champion, just like his dad Certik. We also used to compete in Tracking and Rally in both ASCA and AKC trials.
I took both, Misko and Certik, to the 2011 ASCA Nationals in Wisconsin. We had such a good week filled with many trials. We competed in everything in advanced levels, qualifying in every single competition. The more we competed the more I noticed that Misko was unbeatable and by the end of the Nationals, Misko was awarded the 2011 Most Versatile Australian Shepherd award and appeared on the cover of Aussie Times. Certik was 8 years old at that time and placed 3rd in the Most Versatile Aussie competition. I was so proud of both of them. These two are simply the best of the best!
Misko is retired and neutered now, but we have some frozen semen stored from him. He is still strong, healthy and ready to play Frisbie day or night. Misko is AKC and ASCA registered, his Hips are OFA Good and Elbows Normal, Eyes clear.

Misko 2012



Aerie Lost Dory @ Turkey Run STDscd CD RNX RJ-E RG-E RS-E CGC ITD
DOB 6/29/2016

(HC HTCH WTCH Ad Astra Magnum Force PATDsc RTDsc X WTCH Aerie Anything Goes RN)


Dory came to us from Aerie kennel near Durango, CO.
Her sire is well-known Magnum, smart and handsome male that I had honor to meet and even compete against with my male Certik. Certik and Magnum look almost like twins when it comes to looks and intelligence.
Dory is darker blue merle female with white trim and a lot of bright copper. She has gorgeous Aussie head with perfect ears, brown eyes, full dentition and scissor bite. Dory's exceptional qualities include her head, front and rear, neck, shoulder and level top line. She has excellent structure, good moderate bone and outgoing attitude.
She is built soundly and structured correctly, she is athletic and very agile. Dory is 19" tall and weighs around 40 pounds.
Dory does not know a stranger, her temperament is sweet, loving and caring. She loves everybody and everybody loves her right back.
I compete with her in Agility, Rally, Obedience and Herding. Dory prefers to work by my side and her eyes are always on me. She is a pleasure to run with in Agility.
Her favorite activity is to play Frisbie, Dory is a strong fetching machine that never fails.
Dory is a wonderful companion to my kids. She wants to ride everywhere with us!
Dory is AKC and ASCA registered, her Hips are OFA Good and Elbows Normal, Eyes clear.

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Sand Ridge Bambina@Turkey Run OTDscd RJ-O RG-E RS-O
DOB 4/8/2015

(CH Peppertree's Stars Go Blue STDc OTDds X Sand Ridge She's A Diva)


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Bambi came to us from Arizona, Sand Ridge Kennel.
She is a wonderful and beautiful addition to our Aussie family. Bambi is a stricking light red merle female with perfect white trim and brilliant copper.
She is moderate and well-balanced female with good bone and excellent structure. Bambi's exceptional qualities include her head, front and rear, neck, shoulder and level top line.
Bambi has one blue eye and one amber color, full dentition and scissor bite. She is 20.5 inches tall and weighs around 55 pounds.
I train and compete with Bambi in Herding and Agility. I used to show her in Comformation also. Bambi finished her Herding Open Trials in Ducks, Sheep and Cattle before she turned 2 years old with HIT Aussie. She naturally rates her stock and is very biddable – with a strong will to work and please.
When it comes to Agility, Bambi is fast, focused and precise. She has no problem to run right next to me or 20 feet away. Her favorite is Gamblers Agility. Bambi finished all her Open Agility titles in ASCA.
Bambi has loving, confident and outgoing attitude. She loves people and children. Bambi loves playing with toys and her favorite is fetching Frisbie for me or my children. She runs fast, jumps high and is accurate.
Bambi is AKC and ASCA registerd, her Hips are OFA Good, Elbows Normal, Eyes clear.




Dreamwinds Zoro @ Turkey Run RS-E RJ-E RG-E
DOB 6/9/2019

(WTCH Grizzly Bear Of Dreamwinds X Turkey Run Venus STDscd)


Zoro is a very handsome black tri dog and the only intact male we currently have. He is absolutely gorgeous, I get a lot of compliments on his looks and wonderful temperament.
He was born in Southern Kentucky at Dreamwinds farms and carries some of the finest working genes from both parents.
I am breeder of his mom "Venus" and I owned, trained and trialed his grandmother "Babika".
Zoro is so well put together. He has beautiful head, left eye is brown, right eye is mostly blue and his ears fall naturally forward. He has full dentition and scissor bite. Zoro has coat of medium lenth, jet black with rich copper trim. He is 20" tall and weighs 45 pounds.
Zoro's body is very compact, not too heavy and not too lean. His gate is smooth, easy and well-balanced. I train and compete with Zoro in Agility, he is remarkable in competitive obedience, rally and herding. He is a dog of my dreams: biddable and confident, sweet and loving, smart and driven. His favorite toy is a Frisbee.
Zoro is AKC and ASCA registered, red factored, clean genetic panel.

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